Private commodity or public good?

Early childhood education and care

Welcome to the Child Care Privatization Project
This project aims to gather and develop resources to inform and encourage Canadian dialogue on this important public policy issue. 123blocksTo this end, the Childcare Resource and Research Unit (CRRU) has gathered pertinent documents available online and in print. CRRU will also develop and make available resources on this topic such as a comprehensive bibliography of key research. The project will be ongoing and the website will be updated on a regular basis....more about the project
What does “privatization” in child care mean?

The terms “public” and “private” child care are commonly used to distinguish among the main “auspices” of ownership of regulated child care. There are understood to be three main sectors...

Why is this important? What is the history of the issue?

For more than 30 years, the question “who should own child care?” has been an important issue in the Canadian early childhood field. Perhaps the first time it arose was in the mid-1970s when a lobbying effort by a large US child care corporation motivated the Ontario government to propose reducing staff:child ratio requirements.



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