Private commodity or public good?

Early childhood education and care

About this project

Early childhood education and care: Private commodity or public good? is a project of the Childcare Resource and Research Unit (CRRU). Many thanks to the Canadian Union of Public Employees for funding to support this project.

CRRU is a policy research institute that focuses on early childhood education and care (ECEC) and family policy. CRRU has a commitment to a universal high quality ECEC system and works with researchers, NGOs, advocacy groups and government policy makers. CRRU’s basic operating premise which drives its activities is that public policy should be based on the best knowledge available from a wide range of sources about best practices in policy and practice.

This project aims to gather and develop resources to inform and encourage Canadian dialogue on this important public policy issue. To this end, CRRU has gathered pertinent documents available online and in print. CRRU will also develop and make available resources on this topic such as a comprehensive bibliography of key research. The project will be ongoing and the website will be updated on a regular basis.



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