Private commodity or public good?

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In this section you will find a comprehensive list of studies, both empirical research and policy analysis, in a number of areas relevant to differences between for-profit and non-profit child care. Toddler playing with blocksThe lists of documents in the different categories are not completely exhaustive but include the most pertinent materials. Most of the documents included are in published sources, many in peer-reviewed sources. There are in addition many policy and position papers, news stories, explanatory documents and other material on this topic, many of which are included in other sections of this website.

Bibliography of  Key Research

CRRU has compiled a comprehensive bibliography of key research. This document may be downloaded or copied for personal, educational or research purposes:


Research evidence on selected aspects of for-profit/non-profit child care programs. A bibliography.  (November, 2011). Childcare Resource and Research Unit.

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