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Early childhood education and care

Canadian profiles

In this section you will find basic information about for-profit/non-profit child care in each province/territory and for Canada as a whole.

Since 1992, the proportion of for-profit child care has been decreasing steadily Canada-wide, from about 30% of regulated spaces in 1992 to 20% in 2007. However, there are substantial differences in the for-profit and Three kids playingnot-for-profit balance by province/territory; several have a significant for-profit presence while in others it is quite limited. Over the years there have been different patterns of growth of the for-profit sector relative to not-for-profits sector in different provinces; some of this is likely linked to availability of government funding.

Each provincial/territorial profile provides the number of spaces in each sector, the availability of public funding available to the sectors and a link to longitudinal auspice data by province. The Canada section includes a table presenting longitudinal data for Canada as a whole as well as for each province/territory. Other relevant information is provided in each profile as well.

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